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Teaming is the secret sauce.

Teaming is the secret sauce that enables any advisor to take their practice from a time-consuming one-person operation to a potential seven-figure practice that runs like a well-oiled engine. Teaming allows advisors to build specialized roles and responsibilities, enabling the team to deliver both a broader and deeper financial planning experience. Appropriate role segregation also magnifies the use of everyone’s time, where you spend more of that time only doing the things that you love.

A poorly engineered team can be almost as detrimental to a financial planning practice as a high-performing team can be beneficial. We have helped recruit to and build countless teams as well as coached them through some of the growing pains so that they can operate at peak effectiveness.

Areas of team building that we excel at are:

  • Team Architecture, Role Design, Metric and Goal Setting.
  • Coaching that leverages the experience of other teams we have helped build, so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.
  • Staff development and training through our Client Care Academy.
  • Succession Planning both through in-house matching and financed buyouts.
  • Junior Advisor development and recruitment.

The two biggest complaints about finding a junior are (1) I don’t know where to recruit one, and (2) I don’t know how to train them. Our in-house recruiters will find you someone who would make an excellent fit and one of our VP’s of Sales will guide them through a 2-year development track while they work alongside you in your practice.