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Not sure what's going to happen with your practice when you retire?

We know you have spent years building your practice and serving your clients.  For many, they're like family.  When it comes time for you to take that step into retirement that you've helped so many clients plan for, we will help make it a seamless and easy experience for your clients, as well as maximize the financial benefit to you.  A financial planning practice is like any other business and deserves the same level of attention when it comes to sale and transition.

  • Identification of an internal buyer within our OSJ, based in your local area. We will help connect you with people who have expressed interest in purchasing a practice and whose experience and personality align with your planning style.
  • MySuccessionPlan. A web community that exists expressly to connect financial advisors who are selling their practice to those interested in buying a practice. Access to this forum also comes with access to a wide variety of succession planning tools, from best practices to practice valuation techniques.
  • The Succession Roadmap. Years before you plan to retire, we will assist in building a team and systems around you to both maximize the value of your practice and introduce an internal successor to your clients. Transitions create more financial value for the seller and a smoother transition for clients when they happen over the course of a few years.
  • Administrative Assistance. We will help you design your game plan for exiting your practice as well as help you execute much of the administrative burden of moving accounts.
  • Additional Financial Incentives. If you are not yet part of Osaic, we can provide significant transition dollars as a multiple of trailing-12 GDC, in addition to any dollars you gain through the sale to another advisor. Yes, you can double dip!

Looking to acquire a practice? 
We employ all of the benefits above for buyers as well. Indeed, the process is often focused around maximizing value for both parties in the sale, as well as the clients involved in the transition.

If you'd like help developing YOUR game plan, let's chat.