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Non-Variable Annuity IMO

Let our team curate the right product for the right situation for any client.

  • Our lineup of over 40 fixed and fixed indexed annuity (FIA) carriers ensures you have access to a wide array of annuity products to fit your client needs.

  • Our streamlined appointment system allows you to request new carrier appointments with a few clicks in a matter of minutes, without re-uploading compliance documents and certificates.

  • NIGO issues are annoying to any advisor and waste time. A single e-application portal supports the majority of all of our annuity products, helping you to expedite app handling and reduce NIGO issues. If you do have need to complete a paper application, we will pre-scrub the application prior to carrier submission.
  • We subscribe to avery robust annuity analysis software, allowing us to run cross-carrier analysis on a variety of goal sets, from maximizing income to back testing sub-account performance for FIA’s, and running the top rate profiles across a wide variety of guarantee periods for both Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs) and Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGAs).

  • At Royal Alliance, there are a number of different rules and pathways within the Fixed Indexed Annuity space that govern what you can sell, how you get appointed to sell it, what type of suitability review needs to be conducted, and how the application is taken. We can help you quickly and compliantly figure out what competitive products fit your client need and how to distribute them as painlessly as possible.

  • Our central annuity portal, Business Builder, allows you to track updates from the carrier as they come in on both appointment requests and case updates.

Your Annuity team is here and ready to support you!

Zachary A. Meissner, CFP<strong>&#174;</strong>, MSFS, ChFC<strong>&#174;</strong>, CLU<strong>&#174;</strong>, RICP<strong>&#174;</strong><br/>Vice President of Insurance and Advanced Planning

Zachary A. Meissner, CFP®, MSFS, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®
Vice President of Insurance and Advanced Planning

Zach heads up ARG’s Non-Variable Annuity IMO, working to coordinate our case processing team, contracting & licensing team, and sales & business processing. He utilizes sophisticated analysis tools to help advisors find the best fit for their client, whether that means finding the best rates, top income riders, LTC features, or examining indexed subaccount performance in a continuously more complex world of index choices.  He also works with advisors to conduct annuity book reviews, which entails examining annuities out of surrender within their book of business and comparing against prevailing product options in the marketplace.

Tony Soh, CFP<strong>&#174;</strong>, ChFC<strong>&#174;</strong>, CLU<strong>&#174;</strong>, CASL<strong>&#8482;</strong>, CAP<strong>&#174;</strong>, RICP<strong>&#174;</strong><br/>Director of Advisor Education &#38; Planning Strategy

Tony Soh, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL, CAP®, RICP®
Director of Advisor Education & Planning Strategy

Tony works with advisors in helping navigate the vast world of non-variable annuity products.  He will help in product selection and illustration development for each client situation.  Being ARG’s eMoney specialist, Tony will also assist in building scenarios involving annuity solutions that will improve the client’s financial situation.

Laurel Christensen<br/>Annuity Case Coordinator

Laurel Christensen
Annuity Case Coordinator

Laurel is your go-to contacts for any issue that comes up from the moment the application is submitted to the time the policy issues. She maintains close relationships with our carriers to coordinate conversations with case managers and underwriters. She coordinates communication on cases as well as order policy requirements such as physician records and paramedical exams. If an underwriting issue does arise, Laurel can help to discern if there are other pathways to success for the client. The biggest asset to you is that she knows all the nitty-gritty operational details that differ across carriers, so that you don't have to make the same mistakes others have made before.