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Marketing is the crux of any successful financial practice.

We have a dedicated marketing department that will make your eyes grow wide.

STACEY JONSON<br/>Vice President of Marketing

Vice President of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, my primary focus is YOU, the financial professional. My job begins the moment you decide you want to make a move and doesn't end until you retire.

First ask yourself:

  • I've always wanted my own company name and branded marketing material including my own website; can I have this where I'm at now?
  • I know that marketing is important; am I doing what's necessary, or do I even know what's necessary, to build my practice?
  • Do I have a marketing team that I can meet with and brainstorm ideas?
  • When I have a need for marketing collateral, do I have someone that can help me, or do I have to hire an outside designer or copywriter myself and pay for their services?
  • When I do work with an outside designer or copywriter, do I encounter so many issues in compliance because they don't know our industry and what can be said and what can't, that it takes so many back-and-forths in compliance that it's not worth my time?
  • Do I have to go back and pay the designer or copywriter again each time I need to make edits to existing marketing collateral?
  • Have I given up on doing any marketing because it's just too frustrating, costs too much, and/or I just don't like it?

Every financial professional has asked themselves those exact questions and many don't have any idea how to fix their problems.

What if I told you:

  • We love working with financial professionals that want to brand themselves and/or their team as well as create "their voice" and market it to the world.
  • Our primary focus is partnering with you to identify target markets, help you develop a strategic marketing plan and campaigns, and then help you implement including designing and copywriting, if necessary. 
  • We work directly with compliance, so you don't have to, to ensure all marketing material is created to meet all necessary compliance requirements, and trim the approval process timeframe so you can focus on what's most important, your clients.


Don't have your own brand but would like one? No problem!

Don't have your own brand but would like one? No problem!

We will work with you from brainstorming ideas for names and logo designs through implementation in all of your marketing and operational systems.

We'll provide custom designed marketing material, branded to your practice, with consulting and designing services provided as part of your ARG membership. Only expense to you is any printing or shipping costs, if required.

Our compliance review of marketing pieces is also done in-house prior to submitting to compliance, so you don’t have to worry about jumping through lengthy broker-dealer hoops to act on a timely marketing opportunity. We will also act as your go-between with compliance so you can concentrate on client interactions rather than addressing potential compliance requested changes.  Our goal is to submit once so it gets reviewed once and in your hands on a timely basis. 

Library of Marketing Systems

Library of Marketing Systems

For those looking for help with marketing systems in general, we'll sit down with you annually to brainstorm ways we can support your growth. We have developed a library of turn-key marketing programs, seminars, and workshops on a wide variety of topics and target markets, so that you can leverage our experience without reinventing the marketing wheel.

Need a drip? Don't know what a drip is? We've got your drips!

Need a drip? Don't know what a drip is? We've got your drips!

As part of Osaic, we have access to MyCMO, an award-winning library of pre-approved marketing drip campaigns. As part of your affiliation, our marketing department will train you or your staff on ways to integrate different MyCMO campaigns. MyCMO interfaces with FMG Suite to provide seamless marketing support through your personal website as well.

Client Care Model

Client Care Model

Did you know that current clients are 5x more likely to repurchase, 4x as likely to refer, and 7x likely to try a new offering?  Having a Client Care Model that is specially designed for each tier of your book of business allows you to concentrate your efforts on the tiers that not only buy but also refer their friends and family.  If you haven't tiered your book, that will be our first step to developing your Client Care Model.  We will work with you or your staff to develop client touches that will work best beginning with onboarding and quarterly/annual reviews to invitations to exclusive client events as well as random acts of kindness celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, to name a few.

Seeing you succeed is our passion.
Sharing our roadmap with you is how we're going to get there. 
Let's chat!