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Independent by design,
together by choice.

Let's face it, there's a lot about independence that's inconvenient.  That might be strange to read or hear when it's right there in our tagline.  However, the most important part of our tagline is "by choice."  All of our financial professionals are here by choice because they all believe in the fully-supported, independent business model that ARG provides and what that affords them from an operational standpoint as well as income potential.

ARG takes the perceived inconveniences of being part of an independent broker/dealer out of the equation where you are your own business owner responsible for all of your own case designing; creating your own brand, marketing collaterals, and campaigns; as well as the simplest of tasks as setting up your own phone systems and making sure your emails are working properly, and that you're registrations and appointments are all in place so you can conduct business. This can be quite overwhelming for some.  Not only do we have team members to support you in all of these areas, but we are here to stay, from affiliation day through the last day of your practice succession plan.

As an OSJ (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction), we not only perform the supervisory responsibilities for our branch offices, we also vet all of our financial professionals prior to membership to ensure they are all operating their businesses with trust; acting in the best interests of their clients and at the highest level of integrity and professionalism. This ensures a membership network of financial professionals that you can trust to work with, learn from, and build long-lasting friendships.