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Development systems designed to enable advisors to perform at the highest level.

Our systems are open architecture; advisors are never required to do things a certain way. However, advisors who’ve transitioned and take advantage of their included coaching, report an average of 20% first year growth in their earnings. If you know that some of your sales and practice processes could use work, we have a system for just about everything and experts standing by to help you integrate these into your practice. All of this training is free of charge and part of the Advisory Resource Group value promise.

A comprehensive financial planning model that takes prospects from fact finder to client in a way that builds trust, confidence, and ultimately execution of the plan.

We have the best advocacy-based referral system in the market. If you are looking to expand your ability to get referred by clients or centers of influence, we can make you a referral ninja.

If you have staff, or would like to hire staff but don’t know where to start, our Client Care Academy is a 2-day live course designed specifically for your staff to perform at the very highest level within your practice.

For those looking for coaching related to practice growth, we offer both annual and quarterly business planning. This isn’t your typical reactive exercise where you set revenue targets that you look back at in a year. We choose a few things to work on each quarter and build detailed 90 day action plans broken down into 12 weekly targets.

New to the independent space? It can be a little overwhelming to navigate the sheer number of investment managers and insurance products to choose from. We offer product specific sales training and case consultation with our industry experts, both internally and through Osaic Wealth.

For those that choose to use eMoney as their financial planning software, we have an in-house expert to help you transition clients and plan most effectively using the software.


Fernando Pohina, BFA<strong>&#8482;</strong>, CPFA<strong>&#174;</strong><strong><br/></strong>Vice President

Fernando Pohina, BFA, CPFA®
Vice President

With Fernando's years of experience managing his own successful practice, he can offer valuable insights and practical strategies that can help you enhance the satisfaction you have with your practice.  We all learn, understand, and operate differently, which is why Fern works with each advisor individually to understand their unique challenges and goals, and then develops customized solutions that help them achieve success.  Success which is defined by the advisor, not Fernando or ARG. 

Phone:  (425) 658-0536

Stacey Jonson<strong><br/></strong>Vice President of Marketing

Stacey Jonson
Vice President of Marketing

Stacey brings 35 years of marketing experience to the team.  She'll work with you and your tiered book of business to develop an intentional marketing plan and 90-day action list.  Included in this plan is a Client Care Model that employs client touches ranging from  onboarding activities and annual reviews to client appreciation events and holiday cards.  She'll also help you integrate your CRM system (or help you decide which one is best if you don't already have one) with MyCMO, an award-winning marketing system available through a Royal Alliance subscription.  MyCMO is an online content library that helps you implement email campaigns as well as integrates with your FMG Suite website. 

Phone:  (425) 658-0537

Zachary Meissner, CFP<strong>&#174;</strong>, MSFS, ChFC<strong>&#174;</strong>, CLU<strong>&#174;</strong>, RICP<strong>&#174;</strong><br/>Vice President of Insurance and Advanced Planning

Zachary Meissner, CFP®, MSFS, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®
Vice President of Insurance and Advanced Planning

Zach leverages his primary areas of competency, which include advanced planning, life insurance, and annuities, to help advisors find additional sales opportunities within their existing book of business as well as grow their practice into more affluent and advanced markets. In these consultations, he initially sits down with an advisor to discuss the composition of their client book and determine key planning areas that they would like to focus on and develop. He then helps set parameters to determine an ideal client subset within that book to target and helps train the advisor in appropriate approach and sales language. Finally, he works directly with the advisor the design case work and client presentations. This is particularly useful for advisors who have previously focused on wealth management and would like to expend into more advanced arenas of insurance planning, business planning, and estate planning.

Phone:  (425) 658-0531

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